Geo-tagging photographs with a GPS unit

I’m usually pretty good at remembering where I took each and every photograph. Or so I thought. It seems to be with increasing frequency these days that I come across a photo or two that I never labeled and I have no idea where it was taken. Sure, I know which country, but the names of some of these small, one-pony towns I visited have disappeared from my head.

20 years from now it will only get worse – not only will my memory be shoddier, but with the advent of digital cameras, I now take a lot more photos.

And that’s why the Sony GPS-CS1KA GPS Unit Kit is a pretty cool idea. This smallish unit (4.2 x 1.3 x 6.9 inches) records your location every 15 seconds and then syncs it up with photos you’ve taken with a digital camera. Such technology will not only tell you the city in which you’ve taken the photograph, but if you want to return to the same street corner 20 years later, the GPS coordinates will get you there.

Just as cool is the mapping feature which plots the exact locations of the photos with virtual pushpins on a Google map. Roll over the pushpins and up pops all your photographs taken in that spot, simply blowing away all those photo albums you’ve created in the past.

This is a nifty little toy, especially if you take a lot of photos. Personally, however, I’m going to wait until this function is incorporated into a digital camera instead of it being a stand alone device.

(Price: $108)