Lacing your shoes for the best performance

I never really thought about it before, but properly lacing your shoes is one of the most important, yet often neglected preparations one can make for travel.

Sure, you can laugh at the idea of a post telling you how to tie your shoe, but did you have any idea that there are 2 trillion ways to do so? And, that there is specific lacing technique to maximize performance for various activities?

I had no idea either, but thankfully there is someone on this planet who can teach us all about it. Ian Fieggen is a man with a serious lacing fetish that runs a site dedicated entirely to the different ways one can lace up their shoes and boots.

Take, for example, the Bushwalking Lace (above). This majestic design “distributes pressure evenly” and keeps “the knots and ends to the side… away from snagging undergrowth.”

Such an intricate lace is typical of what one can find on Fieggen’s site–although I was equally impressed with some of the vanity, checkerboard lacing that serves no purpose other than simply being fashionable.