Tell us your most horrible travel moment, and win a copy of Chuck Thompson’s “Smile When Yoy’re Lying”

In case you missed it, Abha recently interviewed Chuck Thompson, author of the new book, Smile When You’re Lying, and we’re running a contest to give away some free copies. It’s really easy to enter to win — just tell us the worst thing that’s happened to you while traveling in the comment section of the interview. You don’t need to write a novel or anything, but the funnier/more outrageous, the better! We’ve already got some good stories from our readers. Here’s one:

On being sick in India, Eva writes, “I was so out of it, I genuinely thought I was dying. For two days I just lay in my bed and cried, and then got mad at myself for wasting bodily fluids on tears when I was clearly already dying of dehydration, and then I cried even harder. I even called my dad to say goodbye!”


Let the world hear your worst travel moment, and you just may win a copy of Smile When You’re Lying! (Remember: don’t leave the comment on this post! Go here instead.)