What places would you never go back to?

Most of us have a priority list of places we want to visit. But what about the places we would never visit again?
Whether you loved it or hated it, saw all of it or hardly anything, surely there are some places you don’t ever want to go back to. You might have a solid reason, or no specific reason at all, but think a little and you might unravel an interesting list of places and thoughts. Here are mine:

  • Lisbon: I spent 3 days here in 2004 after doing a 3-week road trip down the west coast of Portugal — beginning in Porto and ending in the Algarve. Portugal’s coastline is among the most stunning ones I have been to; dare I say I think I liked it more than Australia’s east coast. I must’ve been natured-out or something because after that, Lisbon was just not happening and I don’t see myself going back.
  • Nimbin, NSW, Australia: This is one of the most interesting towns I have been to. Located close to Byron Bay, the town has around 300 potheads inhabiting it. It survives from local production and sale of marijuana and offers some of the best hash-brownies I have ever had; I will never forget that they were served to me by a 7-year old in a joint called “Rainbow Cafe”. It’s tiny and I have fond memories, but it’s also depressing to be around people who know no other life other than a marijuana one. It’s worth visiting, but perhaps not more than once.
  • Malmö, Sweden: It’s small, it’s quiet, it’s generally dead after 10pm, there isn’t much to see, there are only that many meatballs you can eat. Nope, never going back.
  • Copenhagen, Denmark: Once you’ve been to one Scandinavian country, I think it’s like you’ve been to them all. Copenhagen is pretty. But that’s about it.
  • Hong Kong: I’ve only seen Hong Kong on layover between flights, but all in all I was disappointed — and I didn’t like the food at all! I’d rather visit Beijing or Shanghai.
  • Singapore: It’s like a Chinese Dubai. Too clean, too rich, too advanced for my liking. (I even had my Hubba-Bubba chewing gum confiscated the first time I went there, I was only 11. I will always hold that against them).
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: I’m was unlucky when I visited KL. I was trapped there for 3-days because of an unexpected appearance of very thick smog. I spent a lot of time outside (stupidly without a face mask to protect me from the pollution) and just didn’t enjoy the city.

What about you guys?