GADLING TAKE FIVE week of 1-4-2008

Happy New Year! It’s hard to believe that another holiday season has blurred by, drenched in spiked eggnog, reindeer sweaters, and of course, the ever-sobering debacle that is holiday travel.

Justin gave us the top ten stories of 2007–check those out here. As for this week, when 2007 rolled over into 2008, here’s what stands out:

  • Kelly gave us a preview of ten travel books for 2008, as part of her ongoing feature One for the Road.
  • Jamie offered two travel resolutions every savvy traveler should make this year.
  • Matthew got his very own apartment in Tokyo, and gave Gadling readers the rundown on just how much cash you need to rent an apartment there (hint: it’s a lot more than first, last, and a security deposit).
  • Abha had a heart to heart with Chuck Thompson, author of Smile While You’re Lying. Find out what he had to say about “sun-dappled barf” and how he ended up starving and begging for help on a Thai island. Also, enter to win a copy of his book.
  • Finally, if you suffer from post-holiday letdown (or, more likely, post-holiday hangover), Aaron’s got an idea to help turn that frown upside down.

That’s all! May your 2008 be filled with on-time flights, first-class upgrades, and alternative fuel.