Wallow in the misery of others

I’ll be honest: I’m a little surprised we haven’t covered this here on Gadling, but I’ve searched the archives to no avail. (Please, dear readers, correct me if I’m wrong!) is just like the URL sounds: a depository of unsavory airborne experiences shared by people like us. It’s simple. You, as a reader, can peruse the collection of unfortunate stories, conveniently pigeonholed into categories like Reclining Seats, Luggage and Delays, and Weird People. Let’s jump into that last category and see what we can find! (If you’re eating, stop reading.)

“Then – a man, about late 60’s/early 70’s, sits in the seat one row in front and across the aisle from me. He situates himself, waits until we take off, and proceeds to take off his shoes….first the right, then the left….followed by, of course, his socks – first the right then the left…..he then begins to PICK at the dead, scaly skin on his feet. I’m not kidding – he used his finger nails to scrape, scrape and pull the dead skin from his heels, his toes, the arch of his foot.”

As a writer, and experiencer of horrible things on planes, you can submit your own stories. Do you have any bad experiences worth sharing? Give us the100-word version here, in the comments, and save the novel for

[Via Grow-a-Brain]