Giant foam attacks Australian coast

I’m not sure how we missed this last August, but since it is now winter in the northern hemisphere and time to start thinking about heading south for some summer surfing, we thought we’d dig this up and share with our fine readers a rather bizarre phenomenon which recently occurred in New South Wales, Australia.

Dubbed “Cappuccino Coast” by Daily Mail correspondent Richard Shears, this 30-mile long swath of frothy bubbles consumed the coastline north of Sydney and gobbled up swimmers and surfers alike. The foam was created when powerful storms off the coast whipped up the ocean’s cocktail of impurities-“salts, chemicals, dead plants, decomposed fish and excretions from seaweed.”

The result was hardly what one would expect from one of this planet’s greatest surfing and diving nations. Nonetheless, it would still be fun to visit and frolic in that crazy foam. People pay big bucks to do this in Ibiza and I sure hope the Aussies took advantage of Mother Nature”s blender to throw a little party.

(Photo via Daily Mail – click here for more)