Engagement ring allegedly stolen by LAX security

Here’s a true and sad Christmas story:

The day after Christmas, my best friend CJ called to tell me she got engaged to her long-time boyfriend Rosendo. “How did he propose?!” I asked. “It’s a bittersweet story,” she said. Here’s how it went:

On Christmas morning, Rosendo was late for his flight from L.A. to Seattle, where he was traveling to celebrate Christmas with CJ. He had been planning on proposing for a while, and had taken the time to have a ring specially designed. As he traveled, he kept the ring in a box in his jacket pocket — inside two boxes, actually. He was pulled aside at security, where he had put his jacket on the conveyor belt to be scanned. TSA quickly went through his stuff, and afterwards Rosendo sprinted to his gate. He put on his jacket, and felt for the ring box, which was there.
He made his flight, and the next morning — Proposal Day — he randomly decided to look at the ring one more time. He opened the ring box — and it was empty. No ring. Rosendo started hyperventilating and staggered into CJ’s parent’s living room. Nobody knew what was wrong — they thought they might need to call an ambulance. All Rosendo said was, “It can’t be possible!” When he could say more than those four words, he ‘fessed up his plans, and he and CJ went shopping for the cheapest ring they could find.

The only time the ring was out of Rosendo’s possession was at airport security. He’s filed a police report, to no avail.

How’s that for a heartwarming holiday travel story?

It seems there’s no shortage of people who hate the TSA. Here are some other reasons to be annoyed with the agency:

What to do?