Airplane noise raises blood pressure

How do you feel when you hear the noise of a a few airplane engines firing up or flying overhead? For me, the sound is exhilarating–no doubt a result of my life-long love of flying. But for the majority of people, the noise of an airplane induces stress and raises blood pressure. In fact, being constantly exposed to airplane noise can lead to chronic stress and do irreparable damage to the health of your heart, according to this article.

This doesn’t just apply to those who fly frequently, either. People who live near airports and/or consistently have planes buzzing overhead are at an even higher risk for the health problems that airplane noise can lead to.

Live near an airport? According to Dr. Mats Rosenlund of the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm: “People who are ‘constantly annoyed’ by airplane noise might want to consider a neighborhood more conducive to their overall happiness.”