Yet another new travel startup

I just came across this little website: It’s a really simple tool that does just about one thing. Flyhere tells you, well, which flights you can take to get somewhere. You type in a destination, and it’ll tell you all the nonstop flights to that city. Likewise, you can type in a departure point, and it’ll tell you all the places you can fly to from there.

But perhaps most helpful is when you type in both your destination and departure airports, in which case, the site will visually display all the different routes between the two points as well as a list of itineraries for your particular day.

Yes, this is pretty much a single-trick startup. You can’t really hold it up to something like Kayak, but Flyhere could be useful if you’re interested in finding out where you can visit on a direct flight, or if you want to know how to get between two out-of-the-way places.