First human powered circumnavigation of the globe

What is it about crazy Brits and their desire to circumnavigate the globe on their own power?

Over the last few years, we’ve been sharing with you the adventures of Karl Bushby who is attempting to walk around the world. But for whatever reason, we’ve just learned about a fellow countryman of Bushby’s who has spent the last 13 years circling the globe using a combination of bicycles and peddle boats. Wow.

Jason Lewis started his journey at the Prime Meridian in Greenwich in 1994 after realizing that his greatest fear in life was “of mediocrity and of a slow, unremarkable acquiescence to society.” This epiphany led him on a 46,405 mile journey that is believed to the first “human powered circumnavigation of the globe.”

He traveled by bicycle and foot through 37 countries and across all major continents except Antarctica, as well as spending 111 days in a paddle boat crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

I’m not sure this is the best way to spend one’s 30s, but you have to admit, Lewis certainly hasn’t acquiesced to society in the traditional manner. Now that he’s home and probably looking for a job, however, we can welcome him back to a life of mediocrity.