TSA-friendly wine bag

Everyone always asks me to bring wine from Spain which I’ve stopped doing since a bottle once cracked and left a unique and lovely red design on my new cream colored corduroy pants. Also, wrapping them is a headache: bubble-wrap, then paper, then wrapping paper, then a T-shirt, and you still need to keep your fingers crossed that you will have the bottle in one piece; and they are so heavy to carry in hand luggage!

Well, Bottlewise seems to have found a solution with their TSA-friendly wine bags. Each Bottlewise Duo (US$48.95) bag holds two bottles in well-padded, removable zipper bags, and can fit easily in your check-in luggage. This also means that you don’t have to buy your wine at Duty Free anymore, you can buy exactly what you want, gift-wrap it the way you want, and not worry about lugging it around in your hand-luggage. If you are still worried about cracks, you can opt for the Bottlewise Duo Plus (US$58.95), which comes with more padding.

[Via LA Times]