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I think I just might hate Joe Ray.

It’s a professional hatred, of course, bred out of jealousy. That’s because Joe is a food and travel writer based in Paris. Wow. I can’t imagine a more perfect combination of careers in a more perfect location.

And yet, that’s what Joe does. He pens wonderful articles accompanied by fantastic photographs while soaking in all the gloriousness of Paris.

I bring Joe to your attention today because I recently spent some time browsing his website and reading a bevy of tantalizing articles such as, Tasting Welsh Tea in Argentina, A Sicilian gelato tour, Pigs’ ears, horse-sandwiches ‘n fritters: Italian street-food, and Whale carpaccio, reindeer filet: Greenland’s contemporary cuisine. Yum!

Joe does a marvelous job of combining a passion of travel with a love for local foods in a way that gnaws at my stomach and gets the travel bug biting. If you have a few moments, check out Joe’s website and travel with him around the world; you’ll soon be just as jealous as I am. And just as hungry.