Weird weather around the world

In the middle of the desert, snowflakes are falling. Of all places, it was snowing this morning in Baghdad, which made headlines in publications like the New York Times and TIME Magazine. Some people interviewed said they’ve never heard of snow in Baghdad while others say it’s been at least forty years.

That alone is a strange enough incident. But get this. It’s spring-time in New York City. How’s that for topsy turvy. This week, when New Yorkers should have been bundled up in their wool scarves and rubber boots, they’ve been walking around in t-shirts.

Is this another ominous sign of global warming? As someone who’s grown up in snowy states, I seem to remember winters a decade ago being much colder–and snowier (hope that’s a word)–than what’s been going on the last couple years. Or is this just my already fuzzy memory?