The three-day Caribbean vacation

Most people wouldn’t consider the Caribbean for a three-day weekend, but surprisingly, it’s entirely possible–providing, of course, you can get there on a nonstop flight.

Nonstop Caribbean: Fly Right to the Beach, is a great Budget Travel article which, you guessed it, highlights those sunny tropical destinations that can be reached on a short(ish) flight from either Canada or the U.S. that doesn’t involve a grueling, vacation-ruining stop-over in someplace like Florida.

The article lists those Caribbean destinations which meet the criteria and then succinctly sums up the “must-do’s” and “places to stay.”

With winter in full force in North America, it’s very tempting to pick a nice, warm island, call in sick on Friday and disappear for three days. My only problem is that I live on the West coast where nonstop flights to the Caribbean do exist, they’re just too long for a three day weekend.

Now Mexico, on the other hand….