Don’t let that liquid contraband go to waste

A couple years ago, I had a few hours to kill in Prague’s Ruzyn?? Airport and I wanted to pick up a souvenir for a friend back home. After looking around a bit, I decided on a bottle of Becherovka, a delicious alcoholic drink of the Czech Republic that tastes, in my opinion, like gingerbread and Christmas. It is wonderful, and I would have savored every sip of it had it not been confiscated by security in Miami’s Airport. I had quite foolishly forgotten about the U.S. prohibition on liquids, and when the woman working security found the bottle in my bag, it was no one’s fault but my own.

She picked up the bottle, handed it to me, and told me it couldn’t pass through. Since it was too late to check the bottle, I was left with no choice– I’d have to steal a drink of it right then and there. Turning away from the woman, I surreptitiously twisted off the cap and stole a quick gulp. Mmmmm. Without (I think) anyone noticing, I then replaced the cap, and pitched the bottle into a nearby trash can. Talk about making the best of a bad situation.

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