Rats spotted at Newark Liberty International Airport

Shocking, I know.

But seriously — Travel answer-man Christopher Elliott fielded a question today from a gentleman who spotted a family of rats in Newark International Airport.

“I’m sitting in Terminal A at Newark Liberty International Airport – in the gate area for gate A14,” he wrote. “I’m supposed to be a couple of gates down, but when I went to sit down I was alarmed to see a small, dark brown rat peeking out from under the seat. I figured I’d go someplace else.”

Upon further investigation, the man found that the rat had at least one other friend. “I’m not the shrieking, stand-on-a-chair type – but I’m also not willing to just ignore them. Who should I call?”

Elliott recommends that he, or anyone at Newark’s airport fortunate enough to spot something small and furry, call the non-emergency number for the Port Authority.

Honestly, it’s hard to imagine a complex as large as an airport being completely devoid of little critters, but still, you don’t want them sharing a seat with you.

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