The search for the perfect backpack

Finding the perfect backpack is a lot like finding the perfect spouse: it should be good-looking, small enough to take with you on airplanes, not require too much cash, and have just the right size bladder. Okay, my comparison kind of broke down there, didn’t it?

Anyway, over at Brave New Traveler, Jacob Bielanski goes on a quest to find the perfect backpack, one that’s functional and will not look out of place in an upscale restaurant or out in the wilderness. His recommendation? Interestingly, it’s a frighteningly-named pack geared toward the military and law enforcement:

“The Blackhawk Three-Day Assault Pack is the perfect backpack…. The Assault Pack is cheap, tough, and can fit in carry-on. With a cinch sack, accessory packs, hydration bladders and internal frame, I can adapt it to any use. Best of all, it is a single, simple shade of flat black.”

The pack, pictured above, is available in several exciting colors (black, tan, something called “olive drab”) and retails for $144.99.