A virtual visit to Milan’s famed fashion show

Fashion week can make a pretty big dent on any city. New York’s traffic gets even worse than it is when the annual show rolls around at Bryant Park. Same with Paris and London’s. And now it’s Milan’s turn.

I’ve never ever been close to a fashion show, but I guess for some people, attending one would be a dream come true. For me, it’s simply far more fun to mock one from this blog. I just came upon a Reuter slide-show of the top fashion you’ll be seeing at this year’s Milan show.

To truly enjoy the experience, first close your eyes. Then imagine the most idiotic/absurd/ridiculous/etc outfit you can imagine. Now flip through these 53 photos. I can guarantee you they’re much more insane than whatever you thought of.

It made my day. Hope it’ll bring you too a chuckle or two.