See some truly amazing travel photos at Stuck in Customs

These magnificent photos at Stuck in Customs speak for themselves. Really, go check them out. This one in particular is incredible. Not enough? Here are 100 more.

So how are these unbelievably vibrant and dynamic photos produced? By using a technique called High Dynamic Range (HDR). Here’s how the photographer, Trey Ratcliff, explains the process of HDR: “It is a software technique of taking either one image or a series of images, combining them, and adjusting the contrast ratios to do things that are virtually impossible with a single aperture and shutter speed.”

If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering just how in the world you can get your photos to look like this. Thankfully, for those with the time to learn, Trey has put up a tutorial on how to create your own HDR prints. Admittedly, it’s a little too complicated for my pea-sized brain, but those with a little computer and camera know-how can almost certainly figure it out. And when you do, you can explain it to me.

Finally, in the tutorial, Trey addresses all the tech-haters out there:

“hey, it’s 2007, why not use software and the built-in ability of your camera to make a beautiful rendition of what YOU really saw? Some of us see life in HDR and some don’t… There’s a lot of HDR-hatahs out there… just ignore them… Don’t hate the playa, hate the game… or tell them to get back in their dark rooms with their smelly hands.”

Feel like buying one or two of these? Here‘s how.