The craziest game show in the world (and guess from where!)

With the writer’s strike in the US, television has quickly deteriorated as all the networks switch to an overdose of reality-TV shows. But here’s one I wouldn’t mind watching. It’s hands-down the most insane game show you’ll ever read about.

Set in Moscow (where else), the show is essentially a real-life version of Grand Theft Auto, the video game in which you’re a professional carjacker. In the television version, contestants have a chance to win an actual car. The catch is they have to outrun the police for more than 35 minutes in a live car chase. There’s also another catch–the police have a GPS tracker on your stolen car. And did I mention that they think you stole the car?

It was huge in Russia before getting nixed, garnering twice the number of fans as American Idol on its most successful night. And why not. Did I already say that the episodes sound ridiculous? For instance, in one, an ingenious thief drives his car onto a moving train and in another, the thief drives it onto a raft which floats into the middle of a lake.

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