The five worst US airlines

These rankings are straight from the US government (courtesy of the Department of Transportation), so at least they’re not entirely biased. Based off the number of complaints, the five worst US airlines are Northwest, Delta, United, American, and US Airways (being the worst).

None of this is especially surprising, other than maybe that complaints are surging–as usual. But what is surprising is that America’s most hated airline, US Airways (sadly most US travelers will agree with you hands-down on their status), is equally hated, if not more so, by its own employees. Ouch.

In a New York Times story, one worker wrote in, “… I hate to tell you but the interiors of our plans [sic] smell bad and they are filthy. As an employee I am embarrassed to admit working for US Airways.” It was also revealed how far the airline will go to cut costs–they’re currently on the lookout for a cheaper supplier of their famous pretzels. Right now, each package costs roughly 3 cents.

I’ve had several bad experiences with US Airways, though to their credit, the last time they randomly canceled my flight–and had the nerves to blame it on the weather–they ended up agreeing to send me a $250 voucher. But I generally go out of my way to avoid flying with them. And so should you!