UK introduces movable, recyclable hotel concept

There seem to be a variety of recycled hotels around the world. New Zealand has a 1950’s Bristol Fighter that has been converted into a motel; The Hague has marine lifeboats converted into floating hotels, and Stavoren (also Netherlands) has 15,000 liter wine-vats converted into hotel rooms.

But the latest in the recycled hotels genre is a recyclable one that can move locations! Budget hotel operator Travelodge has come up with this cheap, quick to construct, and green accommodation solution for large scale festivals and events where they rent out some crates from China and put together a temporary, recyclable hotel in 12-weeks. The pre-built, container-like crates are stacked together and bolted to form an 8-floor, 120-room hotel structure, and come in modules with bathrooms installed; the rest of the furnishings will be added later.

It probably doesn’t get more inventively green, but I’d have safety concerns.

What will they come up with next? Recyclable houses? Cars? Planes?