LaGuardia TSA lets passenger through without checking ID

My girlfriend hasn’t had a valid ID for a few months now. The story has something to do with alcohol, a Jimmy Eat World concert and a giant squid (I think), but it’s something I can tell later.

In the time before she procures new identification from the great New York department of motor vehicles, she’s been using various forms of expired ID to get into bars and onto planes across the country. It’s kind of a dodgy way to go about business, but living in the financial world without a car, other things have priority.

At first she had trouble getting through security at the airport. Technically you can get past TSA without picture ID, mind you, it’s just that you have to be subjected to secondary screening at the checkpoint and bring a couple other forms of ID. Once you get used to it though, it’s really no big deal — and she’s adapted pretty well.

Passing through security at LaGuardia yesterday, she was prepared for the same questions. Instead however, in blatant disregard for protocol she just got waved through by the security officer. Nobody asked for ID. Anywhere.

Anyone else slip through security today?

Great job guys.