The cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems

Over at Brave New Traveler, Tim Patterson observes that travel is like a drug– there’s usually a high, followed by addiction. Of course, this doesn’t stop many travelers from indulging in real drugs on the road, and Tim’s article provides some great advice for those who choose to do so. He stresses not only safety, but respect, which includes awareness of your host cultural’s values and traditions:

“When I worked in Japan, I soon learned that it was impolite to NOT get fall-down drunk at office parties. However, there is a huge difference between getting fall-down drunk within the boundaries of a specific cultural ritual, and getting fall-down drunk and roaming the streets as a pack of boorish foreigners.”

In addition, it’s important not to let drugs and alcohol obscure your real reasons for traveling. Tim’s article nails it:

“Why are you traveling? To see the world and experience new ideas and new sensations? Well then why are you getting drunk every night at the youth hostel?”

Check out the whole thing here.

Obvious headline allusion explained here.