Seeing old things in new ways

I’m currently taking an advanced photography class. It’s not the best timing because the class requires a lot of work and my life is quite busy right now, but I enjoy it and that’s what matters. Our first assignment was to take photos of a landmark that my hometown is known for: The Calgary Tower.

It is the most recognized building in our city’s skyline, and the focal point of many postcards. Taking a photo of it would be a snap. But there’s a catch: It has the be photo you wouldn’t see anywhere else. In other words? A non-postcard photo. Hmm. That would be like taking an original photo of the Eiffel Tower. Is it even possible? Are there any angles of the Eiffel tower that haven’t been shot a gazillion times?

I think the art of taking photos lies not just in capturing something usual well, but in capturing something usual in a way that stands out, a way that is unusual but still visually appealing. So I headed out with my camera gear and stalked an object that I’ve seen a million and one times before. And? It was fun, interesting even.

If you’re into photography, I suggest doing something like this: Head to a touristy photography spot with the intent of making your photos different from the rest. Not only will it teach you about photography but it helps you appreciate the ordinary attractions all over again.