Europe’s worst airports

Last week, I wrote about the worst airports in the states, at least when it came to delays. It’s probably no surprise that not a single US airport made it into the top 10 rankings for best airports in the world, according to the air travel consulting firm Skytrax. But Euro-lovers, don’t think your neighborhood, sprawling mess of an airport has escaped my attention (or that of the New York Times.)

They’ve given the honor of worst European airport hands-down to London’s Heathrow, with dishonorable mentions to Charles de Gaulle outside Paris, Leonardo da Vinci near Rome, and Frankfurt airport.

The irony here is that for Americans, these four airports can seem like walking in the park–on ecstasy. I, for one, would never have thought Heathrow or Frankfurt were particularly bad boys. Granted, I only had 20 minutes at Heathrow to go from an arriving flight from Beijing to a departing flight to New York. And it took me exactly 20 minutes at a full sprint to catch my flight. The airport is notorious for being one of those sprawling messes that take 20 minutes to get anywhere. But Frankfurt was pretty clean and well designed, I thought. Of course, the whole time I was consumed by rumors of a adult movie theater on the premises.

Anyone know if that exists?