£1 rooms at London’s Hoxton Hotel

Yes, you read it right: from January 24-April 30, the chic Hoxton Hotel in London will offer 5 rooms every night for £1; on normal days rooms here can cost up to £120 a night. You can’t book more than one room for £1 a night, and if you try, your booking will be canceled.

This price offer opens January 24 at 12pm GMT, so sit by your computer ready to book — word is that these rooms go in seconds. If you are not lucky enough to get the £1 rooms, you might be able to get a £29 room, 5 of which are also available every night on the same dates. Follow these instructions if you want to make bookings.

The Hoxton Hotel is a no-smoking hotel located in London City Center and was opened just over a year ago. With the tag line “the no bullshit hotel,” it promises comfort and style without rip-off prices. In the Guardian’s article about its launch, it says that means: “No endless queues at check-in, no £3-a-sip bottles of water in the mini bar, no-sell-your-house-to-call-America telephone charges.”

Sounds too good to be true, and for any sort of luxury being offered on promotion, there has to be a catch. But if you are getting a room in a nice hotel for £1, I guess you can’t really complain, no?

[Via Gridskipper]