Budget Travel Online’s most travel-inspiring movies of 2007

Budget Travel Online has listed 10 of the most travel-inspiring movies of 2007, along with “how to re-create the best moments.” If you missed a lot of big movies in 2007, and are looking for some help filling out a few boring weeknights with some travel-inspiring movies, be sure and check out the list.

I’ve personally seen 4 out of 10, including ONCE, THE DARJEELING LIMITED, RATATOUILLE, and the final chapter in every traveler’s favorite series, THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM. Here’s my take on what I know:

ONCE — Cute little movie. Not very much travel imagery, but worth a watch nonetheless. Location: Ireland.

THE DARJEELING LIMITED — If you’re interested in India, or have traveled there in the past (as I have), watch this movie. If you have no interest, or aren’t a die-hard Wes Anderson fan, this might be one to pass on. Location: India.

RATATOUILLE — Animated. Sorry, kids, but I thought this one was boring. (And I may be the only person on Earth who thinks this way.) Location: Virtual Paris.

THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM — You’d be hard-pressed to find a traveler who doesn’t like the BOURNE series. In fact, I watched the last installment in a hostel in Slovenia with a dozen other travelers. Great movie, perhaps the best in the series. Location: All over!

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