Yay! It’s snowing on Mt. Kilimanjaro

The simple fact there was snow during the high season (which is this month and next) for climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro was enough to warrant a front-page feature in this week’s travel section of the New York Times. Seeing the white-capped summit–the highest in Africa–is just part of a growing trend of “see it while it’s still there” tourism, which Aaron wrote about a few weeks ago.

Anyways, it turns out there was “several weeks of heavy rain and snow” right before the writer showed up. By the way, this was during last January, so perhaps our readers can update us on whether there’s any snow left this January. One of the Tanzanian guides on the trip had this to say about global warming at Mt. Kilimanjaro, “When I first started climbing, we had big snow, big glaciers. The glaciers were bigger and taller than now. And also, the weather changed. We had heavier rain than we have now.”

But here’s the trouble about climbing the summit to appreciate the mythic glaciers and snow-caps. On the writer’s trip, there were 11 American climbers, 3 Tanzanian guides, and 38 porters and cooks. That’s a rather big carbon footprint, dont’cha think?

If you’re still up for the trip, and I don’t blame you if you are, we’ve written about the logistics of getting there and picking a climbing outfit here.