Things named after Las Vegas casinos

When I was in Vienna, Austria this past October, I made the trek out to the riesenrad, or giant ferriss wheel, with the idea that it might be fun to see the city from way up high. Unfortunately they were charging something like EUR10 for a ride, and I was on a budget. So instead, I elected to browse around the shoddy amusement park next door, and was tickled to run across this architectural homage to Las Vegas (above) crammed in between the bumper cars and tilt-o-whirl.

The amusement park turned out to be a real treat. It was nearly empty, and overweight men with cigarettes dangling out of their mouths sat around waiting for someone to ride the rusty ride they were operating. It reminded me of the type of place you’d meet someone to discuss a murder. They even had a carousel with real, live horses that walked in a circle! The icing on the cake, however, was a young boy riding the bumper cars by himself. The poor chap had nobody to bump into.

Anyway, I ran across this link called “Things named after Las Vegas casinos” that reminded me of the photo above. Check it out. (Via Neatorama)