Where on Earth? Week 42: Grand Beach, Manitoba

Nobody guessed this week’s Where on Earth correctly, and I must say, I’m surprised! Where are all the Canadian readers? Grand Beach on the shores of Lake Winnipeg is one of the best-known beaches in Canada, probably because of the unlikely location–golden sand is not often found smack-dab in the middle of the frozen north. The temperature in Grand Beach right now is well below freezing, but you would never know it from this photo. It was HOT that day. The closest guess was Chris who said Sylvan Lake.

There were a few clues in the photo (Though I guess not as many as I thought.) For one, the landscape is completely flat. Manitoba is a prairie province, so hills are almost non-existent. Another clue? You’ll notice that Sarah is scratching her arm with a pained expression on her face. Anyone who’s been to Grand Beach knows that it is swarming with mosquitoes the size of small birds.

Thanks for all your guesses, and better luck next time.