Is this the world’s scariest airport?

It’s the only airport where you can go straight from the plane to the ski slopes within, oh I don’t know, a few dozen yards. Known as the Courcheveler Altiport (yes, that’s right, they’re so hardcore they don’t call themselves an airport), the altiport is right in the middle, or shall we say the top, of the French Alps.

The entire runaway is a mere 1,700 feet and has a 18% steepness gradient. No surprise that it’s one of the must-land airports for any cocky pilot. And believe it or not, you can fly in from just about anywhere, including London (see this pilot’s recount of his journey).

The best part about flying here is not only do you get to experience the landing (video here) and takeoff, the skiing’s pretty good too, with some of the hardest black diamonds in the world.