Going to Brazil for carnival or cosmetic surgery?

What better way to hide that you are going to get your physical imperfections perfected than to say you are off to Brazil for the Carnival! A nip and tuck here and there, some suction down and under, followed by some raucous dancing, drinking, and bronzing on the beach will make you a new person and everyone will think it was your holiday! That’s the main pitch of an ever growing wave of surgery tourism in South America, with Brazil being the center of it all.

Brazil has long been the cosmetic surgery capital of the world, providing easy, not to mention cheap, access to qualified cosmetic surgeons. Brazilians have no shame touching up their bodies so they can flaunt their “dental floss” thongs. Prime example is Brazilian carnival star and supermodel Angela Bismarchi who plans to dance at this year’s Rio carnival (2-6 February) almost nude in front of a 300-person drum group after her 42nd (!!!) plastic surgery. Nylon wires will be implanted in her eyes to make them look Asian so they accentuate the theme of her parade team that will celebrate the centennial of Japanese immigration to Brazil.

I wasn’t surprised to read that Brazil is an image-mad country where the pressure to look hot is so high, even the poor get surgical enhancements on an installment; it’s an added bonus that Brazilian butt and belly surgeons are amongst the best in the world. According to an article in the Guardian: Exact figures are hard to come by, [but] it’s known that Americans spent around $12.4bn (£6.5bn) on plastic surgery in 2005, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery; they say Brazil is not far behind.

So whether you want to look oriental, or scrape off some flab and not be too obvious about it, there is definitely a cosmetic surgery tourism package for you. Frommers has a decent round-up of your options, check them out here.