Balloon twisting art: One way to connect with the world

I thought I was finished with posts on balloon twisting until I watched Ori Livney’s commercials. Livney who fashions the balloon dresses I wrote about among other things, as covered on his Web site, has taken a passion and turned it into a venue where he travels the world by sharing his craft. The commercials were for Orange Cellular, an Israeli company. If you’ve ever seen award-winning commercials, I can’t imagine why these wouldn’t be contenders.

You can read about the commercials, sure. But, I think it’s much better to see the real ones. Here’s the first. For the second, continue onto the next page. Turn up the sound. You don’t need it, but it adds to the fun.

Here is the second one. On his Web site Livney mentioned that the balloons couldn’t be blown up far in advance because they don’t work as well. This is some fast action.