Classic China: Floating down the Li River

Chances are if you’ve come across any traditional Chinese paintings (think those hazy watercolors or yellowed ink drawings), you’ve already seen the quintessentially Chinese landscape at Guilin.

It’s absolutely one of the sights you’ll have to visit in China, and it’s also on countless lists of the world’s top views. Sure, it’s a bit over-trodden these days, but there’s a reason why the place has been so popular for literally hundreds of years. Below is a gallery of shots my girlfriend took when we visited over spring break of last year.

Most people who go take the day-trip down the Li River on a cruise. But here’s an insider’s tip: spend a night at Yangshuo and you’ll really feel like one of the locals (though only after 4 pm, when the tour bus crowds disappear). Also don’t forget to visit the Longsheng terrace fields near Guilin, which is a World Heritage Site.