What exactly is a ‘tiger farm’?

A few months ago I traveled to Harbin, the northernmost large metropolitan in China (close to the Russian border) to do some digging around at the world’s largest tiger farm.

The resulting 2,500 word story appeared in Nature, but alas, it’s behind a subscription wall. But my girlfriend did take a bunch of pictures from our three day trip, and so hopefully the gallery below will give you a glimpse into exactly what goes on inside a “tiger farm.”

The Hengdaohezi Feline Breeding Centre, or Siberian Tiger Park as it’s more commonly known, is actually open to tourists. For around $10, they’ll load you up into what is essentially a cage on wheels, and bring in up close to more than 800 Siberian tigers. It’s also the infamous site where this video was taken, showing captive tigers taking down a cow–which by the way, costs $250 if you want to buy it yourself and feed it to the tigers.