Wi-Fi and satellite TV coming soon-ish on Continental

Starting next January (sorry you’ll have to wait ten more months), Continental will have Wi-Fi Internet access and satellite TV on every US flight. The Wi-Fi will be free for all passengers and satellite TV will be free in first-class and $6 in coach.

They’re using the same Internet provider as JetBlue’s, which has already started offering Wi-Fi. Other airlines have also jumped on the bandwagon: WestJet, Frontier, Virgin Blue, and AirTran. As for TV, you’ll be getting CBS, NBC, Fox, CNN, ESP, among others.

A part of me can’t wait until next January, but I’m also going to be a bit nostalgic about the chance to get away from it all. If there was Internet offered on the plane, I would definitely jump on it, but then I would miss reading that good book or magazine.