Google shortcuts for the traveler

I’ll admit it: I love Google. And not like the way I love cherry pie or guacamole– more like the way I love air.

So I was pleased to come across a new article on Vagabondish called “12 Google Shortcuts Every Traveler Should Know.”

Most of us already realize that Google allows us to check the weather of just about every city in the world and get info on restaurants, people, and, of course, ourselves.

But did you know that Google can help you check the status of your flight? Just type in the airline and flight number and you’ll have an instant status update.

Need to find out how far your US$1000 are going to go in the UK? It’s easy– type “1000 usd to pounds” and you’ll have your answer (roughly £3.50, given the current exchange rate).

Google also allows you to track the progress of packages, find the local time of anywhere in the world, and check airport conditions. Find out how here.

This reminds me of an open letter to Google I once read: “I ask you, Google, is there anything you cannot do? There is. You cannot love. But still. I love you.”

Me too.