Not exactly your regular LAX ‘stripper plane’

Neil has written about the infamous Los Angeles to Las Vegas “stripper plane” run by Southwest. From what he said, it seems to be a completely legitimate operation.

This stripper plane, however, was not. Recently on a French airline, a couple of flight attendants were caught–on film–giving a saucy striptease to the pilots in the cockpit. The video was subsequently leaked (though it did take a whole three minutes of Googling for me to find it — NSFW), and now there’s a widespread investigation all across Europe to track down these folks.

The incident follows right on the heels of another piloting fiasco–this one on a Heathrow flight, when the co-pilot decided to have a mental breakdown at 35,000 feet. Ahh… reminds me of the year of the drunken pilots. Was that ’05? Last year?