More Google tips for travelers: iGoogle

Just like Aaron, I too love Google. Thanks to my roommate, I recently made my most favorite and travel-friendly, Google discovery: iGoogle.

iGoogle is a personalized Google page which accesses your preferences once you log in with your Gmail account. This is basically the page for any Google fiend; the page loads with all of your favorite applications — referred to as “gadgets” — all in one place, and you can even choose an entertaining background to make it visually attractive.

Having a bunch of helpful gadgets all on one page also makes it a traveler’s dream site, especially if you have an Internet compatible cell-phone and can pull up your page whenever and wherever. What kind of gadgets can you get?

Currency Converter – You don’t have to type in “USD to pounds” into the Google search engine anymore, it’s right there on your page.

Google Map Search – Just type in an address and you’re on your way.

French Audio Word of the Day – Need to brush up on your foreign language skills? You can get audio word of the days in several different languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Italian.

Google Translate – If you need a little more help than just the word of the day, Google can instantly translate your foreign text. Deal Finder – Ideal if you like to dream about possible travel plans on a daily basis.

World Clocks – Displays multiple clocks so you can keep up with all of your preferred time zones.

Sound good? Those gadgets are only the beginning.