Disney’s upcoming attraction to simulate “American Idol” experience

Disney brainstormers know how much Americans love “American Idol,” and the mouse-eared corporation believes they’ve got a fantastic idea for an attraction they plan to open in late 2008: Disney’s own version of the popular show. In an article from the Associated Press, Disney Parks chairman Jay Rasulo touts the as-yet-to-be-named attraction: “Our goal is to try to recreate the excitement of those 24 people who show up on that ‘American Idol’ stage. We believe many, many viewers want to know exactly how that feels, and we’re going to try to reproduce that feeling for them.”

Rasulo expects around six to eight shows per day, with contestants over the age of 14 auditioning for a Disney casting producer. If chosen, they’ll get their hair and make-up touched up by a stylist and receive tips from a voice coach before heading on stage in front of a live audience.

I don’t watch American Idol and I can’t sing, but seriously? This sounds like fun.