An ode to JetBlue

I’ve been rather harsh on US airlines lately, especially the all-purpose @$!%-hole that is US Airways. So since I don’t like to be a squeaky wheel–all the time–I’m going to switch it up and wax eloquent about JetBlue for a bit.

I just took their JFK to Pittsburgh flight, and it turned out to be one of the best flights in recent memory. That’s not saying as much about JetBlue’s performance as it is about the sad state of American aviation.

But props to Jetblue anyways. They already had something like 40 channels of free satellite TV on this flight (which was only an hour in the air). The pilot also had the courtesy to come into the cabin to make his initial announcement. The two flight attendants were very nice. Oh, and the headphones and snacks were free (looking at you, US Airways). Best of all, the flight was 50% cheaper than the next available one.