Blogger Kelsey Mulyk

1. Where was your photo taken: On a road trip to Tofino, BC.

2. Where do you live now: Currently out of a 1991 red VW Golf named Marlin. My husband and I are driving from Canada to South America over the next year or so.

3. Scariest airline flown: Definitely has to be Egypt Air, where the plane felt like it was going to explode during take-off, seatbelts were missing from some seats and they served raw fish for dinner (and no, not like sushi). To top it all off this was one of the last flights you could smoke on, making it exceptionally charming.

4. Favorite city/country/place: Too hard to say since there are so many more places I intend to visit. For now I would say Laos, the Perhentian Islands in Malaysia and Fethiye in Turkey.

5. Most remote corner of the globe visited: Dharamsala, India. I am pretty sure the bus driver who drove us here had one eye, one arm and his foot glued to the gas pedal. Though it was a seriously scary trip, it was well worth it as we got to see the Dalai Lama lecture here.

6. Favorite guidebook series: I have to say Lonely Planet because they are the only books I have ever bought but I really think someone else should take up the cause and take them down a little.

7. Traveler’s resume — where have you been? Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Turkey, London, Ireland, Costa Rica, Mexico, USA and of course around Canada.

8. Favorite travel author. Sarah MacDonald. She wrote, Holy Cow: An Indian Adventure, a hysterical tale of living in India that had me in giggles the whole time. It is a great read but be prepared for explicit accounts of stomach issues among other things.

9. The most unusual food I’ve ever eaten is…Spider. I know…sick! On an extremely long, boring and bumpy bus trip in Cambodia I took it upon myself to hassle two innocent travelers sitting in front of me after they bought a barbecued spider from a street vendor. After I asked “when are you going to eat that?” for the thirtieth time I was presented with a hairy spider’s leg. I decided that I owed it to them to eat it. Spider tastes remarkably like chicken.

10. How did you get started traveling? I think it is probably due to my parents. They always encouraged me to travel and then, when I got started, I realized how important it is to me to learn about other cultures. There is a lot to see and learn out there and I am on my way to see and learn as much as I can.