Activist polar bears invade Swedish aiport

Waiting for your boarding call is often less than thrilling, which is why I am pretty sure that when about 20 adults dressed up as polar bears walked into Stockholm’s Bromma Airport on Friday afternoon, travelers were at least slightly amused. The polar bear activists were part of a Swedish environmental group Klimax, who also sent some protesting polar bears to the Malmö airport to speak out about climate change on Friday.

Along with handing out brochures that said “Flying leads to climate chaos,” the polar bear activists spread out on the floor while playing dead. “It is unacceptable that tax revenue is used to hold down flight prices when we know that air traffic causes a large part of greenhouse gases,” said Filip Laurits, a Klimax member.

Normally the LFV, Sweden’s airport and air navigation service, doesn’t allow demonstrations in airports, but the polar bears were so friendly that airport personnel gave them ice cream cones. How fitting.