Passport boxers for ID?

Anything goes when it comes to art and boxer shorts.

It’s hard to be original these days, very little phases me — I always feel like “ah, I’ve seen this before.” But boxer shorts with a passport page design is something I have never seen before, nor imagined. The idea has merit, but why would anyone wear underwear with a stranger’s passport printed on them? And pay $33 for a pair?! Tutut.

However, what would validate the price and give these boxers (and the guy wearing them) a 5-star coolness rating if he had his own passport printed on them. Now that’s hilarious and so random that it’s frickin’ cool!

In fact, with a little help from a printer and a tailor, you could totally custom-make these at home for way cheaper; you could even start a business! Many travelers would be suckers for personalized shorts like this, for themselves or as gifts to fellow travelers.

(Sorry Morphine Generation, I might have just killed your boxer business).