Business 2.0: “Just give me money to go travel”

Here’s a business model you don’t come across every day. One travel blogger, David Horvitz, has put up on his website “things for sale that I will mail you”. For instance, he will travel to a “small Okinawan island called Iriomote and send you an envelope filled with star-sand (pictured here.”

Wow, that’s cool! Except for the fact he’s charging $1,626 for it. He also wants you to give him $1,335 so he can “go as far south as I can go in South America and take a photograph of the ocean for you.”

Wow! You’ll really do that for me!?

Here are more of his slick schemes for you to pay for his next vacation business products. I don’t blame him for wanting to travel–he doesn’t seem like he has much going, considering he recently took every subway line in New York over the span of three days.