Saudi Arabia arrests 57 men for flirting at mall

Now that woman can finally drive and stay in hotels alone in Saudi Arabia, it seems the men who call the largest country in Arabia home think they too can loosen up a bit. They’re wrong.

The country’s “religious police” interrogated 57 men today for “for flirting with women in front of a shopping mall in the holy city of Mecca.” It’s reported that the men were also wearing inappropriate clothing (T-shirts with English writing) and dancing to pop music — both punishable offenses. AP reports,

“The newspaper report said the men who were arrested Thursday could be released if they could prove they did not flirt with any women. Otherwise, they will be transferred to court and stand trial …”

No word on what punishment the men face if convicted.

The U.S. Department of State has a currently-running travel warning which urges Americans who wish to travel to Saudi Arabia “to avoid staying in hotels or housing compounds that do not apply stringent security measures and are also advised to maintain good situational awareness when visiting commercial establishments frequented by Westerners.” And of course, no dancing.