Update! Southwest comments on whether we’re too pretty to fly!

Last week’s article on the two young ladies escorted off a Southwest Airlines plane after causing a ruckus caused quite a stir. Seems that many people feel that the girls got what they deserved and were misbehaving on the plane– while others have jumped to their defense.

Unfortunately, most of the details on the issue are still speculation, so we can’t really make any definitive statements on who was actually at fault. But Paula Berg from Southwest did decide to chime in on the unfolding events.

She says:

” It is important to clarify a few points:
1. The two ladies are not “banned” from ever traveling on Southwest in the future.
2. Our Crews’ decision had nothing to do with the ladies’ appearance, but rather their behavior and interaction with another Customer onboard.
3. Our Employees have an obligation to maintain a safe environment onboard.

Clearly, we would have gone out of business a long time ago if we discriminated against beautiful women – or anyone for that matter. We carry 96 million Customers a year, and they’re all beautiful in our eyes! “

Perhaps, as the original Gadling article speculated, things have just been blown out of proportion.