French prez Nicolas Sarkozy tells man, “Get lost, you stupid bastard”

Is Nicolas Sarkozy the new “Leave Britney Alone” guy? Following the success of his Youtube video “Sarkozy drunk at G8,” the French president is now starring in a new video that has already become an internet sensation:

If your French is rusty, here’s what happened in the above video: Sarkozy was walking through a crowd at an agricultural show in France, when he approached a man who told him, “No, don’t touch me. You disgust me.”

Sarkozy responded with “Casse-toi alors, casse-toi alors pauvre con,” which translates roughly to, “Get lost, you stupid bastard.” Various news organizations have reported the translation differently. Reuters replaces “stupid bastard” with “dumb ass”; the AP chose “total jerk”; the BBC went with “bloody idiot.”

Any native French speakers out there care to help out with the translation?